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Ecole Maternelle Saint Ignace(EMSI)

On the 25 th  October 2021, The Jesuits of the Rwanda-Burundi Region opened Ecole Maternelle Saint Ignace. in Kibagabaga, Kigali. This nursery school is added to the Saint Ignatius Schools Complex. The aim is to further contribute to the education of Rwandan children. As Jesuit education, the new school will promote the culture of excellence and care for others, starting from an early age.

This whole school complex is composed of a primary that started in 2008, secondary that opened in 2012 and kindergarten that just opened its doors. As the parents increased their appreciation to the Jesuit education, they expressed their deepest desire for a nursery school that offers them an opportunity for their  children of different ages to be on the same
campus. Besides quality education of the hearts and minds offered by the Jesuits, having ones children in the same campus offers an added advantage on transportation
and monitoring of children, as stated by one of the parents.

The school started with three class levels, that is year 1 to year 3, with two classes for each level. A number of around 190 little boys and girls showed up on the first day of
the school and added smiles to our campus. The smallest among them are still distressed by the separation from their parents, but the school offers them a comforting environment. The entire population is expected to be around 300 kids when the project
is fully completed.

The Jesuits of Rwanda-Burundi Region are deeply grateful to all who supported and continue to support this growing project. Above all, we are very grateful for the new opportunity to serve the community by taking care of the little ones who grow to become
good children of God as well as creative and innovative global citizens.

EMSI ACADEMIC YEAR 2021-2022 AND 2022- 2023

Our School started on 25th October 2021. We started with 188 students who were divided into three levels; Nursery 1 A&B Nursery 2 A&B and Nursery 3A&B

We had 12 teachers who were well recruited, two teachers in every classroom, four administrators the fifth administrator joined us in March 2022 making a number of administrators to be 5 we also have 12 supporting staff

On 16th July 2022 we celebrated the graduation of Nursery Three students and the end of academic year at our school. It was a happy and a great day.

On 16th July 2022 we celebrated the graduation of Nursery Three students and the end of academic year at our school. It was a happy and a great day.

In this new academic year 2022-2023, the number of our students increased from 188 to 278 instead of having two streams in every level, now we have three streams ABC and the number of teachers increased from 12 to 18, the number of administrators increased from 5 to 6 where the number of supporting staff increased from 12 to 17. The number of streams increased from AB to ABC as well as the number of classrooms increased from 6 to 9 classrooms

On 25th October 2022 we celebrated 1st Anniversary of EMSI which was another happy and great day at our school.

There was another special event at our school and at Saint Ignatius Schools in general of planting trees where the Rector, Spiritual Father, teachers, parents and their children came to school to plant trees on 29th October 2022.

On 10th February 2023 the Headmistress, Pedagogical Assistant and teachers went for a pedagogical study tour at Ecole Primary Marie Auxiliatrice  EPMA (Mutunyoni) See the picture bellow:

Teaching activities that are the essential of all other activities at our school is done in every professional way by the well trained and experienced teachers. Our learners like to learn, they also enjoy to work together with their teachers as well as their fellow learners in class and in small groups.

Feeding activities take place to our school twice a day, Our learners engage in various school activities include playing, praying and dancing .

We thank the Almighty God for all the achievements. May God continue to bless our EMSI

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