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Saint Ignatius High School

Saint Ignatius High School is  day-scholars private school owned by the Society of Jesus in Rwanda and It is located in Kigali, Gasabo district in Kimironko sector.

The school has been launched in 2012 with the aim of promoting high quality education for young girls and boys also forming them to be  men  and Women ready with dedication to serve others in all things as catholic school in the Jesuits tradition.

Saint Ignatius High School  edicates in line of national program and objectives . We have  both levels

Ordinary (O’ Level) and Advanced level (A’ Level) with Science Combinations:

1. MCB: Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry
2. MCE: Mathematics, Computer science and Economics
3. MPC: Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science

Saint Ignatius High School registers only day-scholars and offer national curriculum provided by Rwanda Education Board (REB).

Saint Ignatius High School Peace and love Proclaimers(PLP)  Message



On September 25, 2023, Saint Ignatius High School director Fr. Emile NSENGIMANA, SJ officially opens SIHS the 2023–2024 academic year. 

The day is marked by extending a warm welcome to all of the students, especially the new ones who have arrived to study at SIHS, as well as by congratulating them the way they did well from the previous year and urging them to behave well as we begin the current school year. 

On that day, the director of Saint Ignatius High School introduced the new and existing students to their teachers and school administration.

Saint Ignatius High School was established in 2012 following the establishment of Ecole Primaire Saint Ignace (EPSI Kibagabaga) by a Jesuit.

Our  deepest desire is to build a School of succes ,Excellent and dignity for both present  and future solutions.

On this September 25th 2023, the school year 2022–2023 officially began.


Saint Ignatius High School has 12 classrooms for ORDINARY LEVEL (O’ Level) and classrooms for ADVANCED LEVEL( A’ Level) with total of 21 school classrooms.

Currently, Saint Ignatius High School has 730 students including 437 boys and 294 girls enrolled in Saint Ignace High School.

Generally Saint Ignatius High School accepts all students in O’ Level from Senior 1 to Senior 2 and all students in A’ Level from Senior 4 MCB , MCE & MPC to Senior 5 MCB , MCE , MPC.

SIHS does not accept new students in Terminal Classes known as School candidates (Senior 1 and Senior 6).  


       Departement of  Science 

Departement of Science of Living Bodies and Environment

Departement of Languages

TITO RUTAREMARA spoke to the students of Saint Ignatius High School in theme of “UBUTWARI MU BANYARWANDA, AGACIRO KACU”

On February 14, 2024, TITO RUTAREMARA arrived at Saint Ignatius High School was started with the national anthem and welcome speech by Fr. Innocent RUGARAGU, Sj. the Rector of Saint Ignatius Schools and it was a good day for the students of Saint Ignatius High School where they have to learn more about heroes ‘day and learn more about the bravery of Rwandans.

a seasoned veteran and experienced in Rwandan politics Tito RUTAREMARA, thoroughly recounts the history of Rwanda to the students, emphasizing that Rwanda’s freedom was the result of the efforts of young people of similar ages.

The goal of interview with over 700 students of Saint Ignatius High School was to show them how the people who liberated Rwanda were young, but because they had something they wanted to achieve, they were not threatened by bullets, determined to dedicate themselves to the country, and achieve victory, which is the peace that Rwanda has right now.




Tito RUTAREMARA talks with the youth of Saint Ignatius High School (SIHS)

The students were also shown the reason why the Rwandan government give time to the youth is that they are responsible for the future leadership of the country, that is why the government always sends different leaders to teach them and explain a lot to them like cotton they will use in those cases.

He also shed light on Rwanda’s long-term developmental strategies, referencing Vision 2020’s goals to overcome the country’s past challenges and Vision 2050’s focus on technological advancement and smart technology as pivotal to the nation’s future prosperity

 He said, “You learn it in the camp, your teachers teach you civic education, leaders meet with children all over the place to convince young people that whether you like it or not, you will be the leaders of this country in different levels. It is better to teach you so that you understand.