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Ecole Maternelle Saint Ignace is officially innaugurated after 2 years

We thank God for the good gift of you dear benefactors and friends of St. Ignace Nursery school who are here with us today. You are warmly welcome to our School. We thank you so much for your contribution in building of our school and thank you so much for officially opening our school today. May God bless you.

Sharing with you our school back ground:

Our Mission: Inspired by the intellectual tradition of the society of Jesus, Ecole Maternelle Saint Ignace‘s mission is to educate young men and women at the nursery level to become morally responsible persons, men and women for others, adults who will be able to reflect, discern and decide with reference to the values of Jesus Christ, to act wisely, to work competently in the service of the common good.

At Ecole Maternelle Saint Ignace, we will support children and parents through high quality inclusive services that meet their diverse development, early learning and child care needs. We will provide an environment for discovery and learning. We will support the government initiative by providing quality Early Childhood Development Services.

Our Vision:  All who participate in the life of the educational community of Ecole Maternelle Saint Ignace must have their eyes fixed on Jesus Christ and they must be driven by fundamental values.

Our School started on 25th October 2021 with 188 students who were divided into three levels; Nursery 1 A&B Nursery 2 A&B and Nursery 3A&B. At the start, we had 12 teachers who were qualified and experienced teachers in teaching Preschools, two teachers were assigned to teach in every classroom and 4 administrators.  The 5th administrator joined us in March 2022 making a number of administrators to be 5 we also had 12 supporting staff.

On 16th July 2022 we celebrated the 1stgraduation of Nursery Three Students and the end the of 1st academic year 2021- 2022.

In the outgoing academic year 2022-2023, the number of our students increased from 188 to 278, instead of having two streams in every level, now we have three streams ABC and the number of teachers increased from 12 to 18, the number of administrators remained 5 whereby, the number of supporting staff increased from 12 to 17.

In this new academic year 2023-2024 the number of students increased from 278 to 288, whereby, the number of the administrators, teaching staff and supporting staff as well as the number of streams remains the same.

In intellectual development; We teach our learners various subjects which are; Morals, Oral expressions, Sensory activities Language, Pre- Mathematics, Pre-writing and Arts. At the end of three years in Nursery school our students successfully join Primary schools.

 In social development; Our learners have two big and nice play grounds; one ground is equipped with sand in front of their classrooms where the leaners play different games, another one is equipped with toboggans of various types where one part of the same playground we are planning to use it as a min football ground. The extra-curricular activities help teachers and parents to discover the talents of the learners and to be able to lead them in their future carriers.

Our future expectations; We expect to have enough books for our learners to have a multipurpose hall, to have an atelier room and to have a Chapel within our EMSI compound for the spiritual growth.

In general speaking, the progress of our EMSI in two academic years is remarkable, in all areas concerning pedagogy, discipline, as well as social activities outside classrooms. We also enjoy the good cooperation and collaboration that exist among the school and the parents.

May God the Almighty continue to bless you our dear friends and benefactors and may God continue to bless our school.

Thank you.

Sr. Liberata S. Epimaque

EMSI Headmistress.