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We are a Jesuit school, educating and instructing children from kindergarten through high school. This year, 2022, our primary school celebrates 15 years, our high school celebrates 10 years, and our kindergarten celebrated one year this October. When children start young at age 3, they are able to begin their future Jesuit education from kindergarten through high school, preparing them to transition well to college or university. As a Jesuit school, we pride ourselves on being educators par excellence.

As our former Fr. General Pedro Arrupe noted, “Education for Jesuits is an apostolic instrument.” It is an expression of our prayers and joyful contemplation in action. Our apostolic desire, vision and serious commitment give us and those we collaborate with, (students, parents, teachers, support staff, donors, the church and the country) an opportunity to participate in co-creating the world we envision, inspired by the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. In line with other Jesuit schools globally, the critical objective of our education at St. Ignatius is to educate children who will become women and men for and with others as adults. Though our input is local but the definition of our output and the outcome are global.

Over the past 474 years, Jesuits have been well-known throughout the world for an educational tradition of excellence which started when St. Ignatius of Loyola and his companions opened the first Jesuit school (1548) in Messina in Sicily, Italy. Today, our team of approximately 100 teachers drawn from the top teachers in Rwanda and neighboring countries, continue to contextualize the same Jesuit educational tradition. We have started attracting teachers from Europe, USA and other developed countries so as to prepare our students in the four Cs that characterize the Jesuit education of today: competence, compassion, conscience and commitment. Our teachers instruct students using the Ignatian pedagogy of holistically caring for the whole child (cura personalis) while teaching children to discern critically and in freedom.

Over 1,600 children who study at our school together with their passionate parents, testify that the golden balance of our pedagogy is founded on desire for more, Magis. Directly and indirectly, we lead our students to embrace the ten characteristics of Jesuit education:

  • Commitment to being Catholic and to offer in-depth faith formation in dialogue with other religions and worldviews
  • Commitment to creating a safe and healthy environment for all
  • Commitment to global citizenship
  • Commitment to the care of all creation
  • Commitment to justice, peace and reconciliation
  • Commitment to being accessible to all
  • Commitment to interculturality
  • Commitment to being a global network at the service of the mission
  • Commitment to human excellence and finally
  • Commitment to life-long learning.

Additionally, we draw our values from positive Rwandan core values such as: respect for every life and self-sacrifice, resilience and commitment to the vision of a bright future, tolerance and reconciliation, critical thinking and innovative vision, patriotism, pan-Africanism and global citizenship and a grand vision of “Ndumunyarwanda.” Our goal is to create future citizens and professionals who are competitive in academics, strong critical thinkers and who have compassionate hearts.

As we welcome you to this website, please enjoy navigating through the activities that take place at St. Ignatius Schools (Ecoles St. Ignace).  You will find various events, important information, current and future projects as well as other activities that are related to the school. We hope that you will enjoy reading and viewing all that is on the web and you will find it useful. We also invite you to be part of us at St. Ignatius school. Please share with us your prayers, ideas, resources and talents, so that together we can empower these young women and men to be the spiritual and secular change that the world needs. Our motto says it all: “In all things to love and serve.”

Fr RUGARAGU Innocent ,SJ

Everyday at at St Ignatius Schools is like a blessing with the active students and talented staff members around.

Fr RUGARAGU Innocent, S.J - Rector
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Mission Statement

Inspired by the intellectual tradition of the society of Jesus, Our mission is to educate young men and women to become morally responsible persons, men and women for others, adults who are able to reflect, discern and decide with reference to the values of Jesus Christ, to act wisely, to work competently in the service of the common good.

Our Core Values

All who participate in the life of the educational community of our schools  must have their eyes fixed on Jesus Christ and looking at Jesus Christ. They must be driven by fundamental values such as excellence (Magis), Integrity, faith that does justice, service, and absolute respect.

Our Philosophy

We, at St Ignatius Schools, follow a child-centered educational approach. We make sure that it is based on scientific observations from birth to adulthood. We believe that a child is naturally curious and is capable of initiating learning in a supportive and thoughtfully prepared environment.

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